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Personal Curator for You and Your Group

Vacations to Austin, TX are more fun when you take them with friends or family. The only problem with group vacations is that the appointed travel leader is stuck doing all the work of booking reservations and locating attractions that appeal to everyone. Even using vacation rental services like Airbnb and HomeAway won’t necessarily make the planning process any easier for you, since there’s no hotel concierge to rely on. The solution to your dilemma is Native Experience, which acts as your personal curator in Austin, no matter where your group is booking accommodations.

Why Austin, Texas?

You don’t have to travel to Europe for cultural enrichment or to South America for an immersive nature experience. You don’t even have to travel to Nashville for incredible live music. It’s all right here in Austin, TX. Austin is frequently described as one of America’s best kept secrets, and the younger crowd of travelers has been steadily turning the city into a happening destination for group vacations. It’s known for a hip, offbeat culture (you’ll probably see some T-shirts with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”). Austin is also the Live Music Capital of the World, the place to go for natural wonders, and the city known for its love affair with tacos. This eclectic mix makes it the perfect destination for group vacations—there’s something for every taste and interest.

Getting Together With Your Group

When you choose Native Experience to handle the logistics of your trip, you can customize the experience to suit your group’s unique interests and traveling preferences. Get the planning started by getting your group together for a chat. Each person should have the opportunity to discuss what he or she hopes to do or wants to avoid. Write it all down and talk it over with your curator at Native Experience. It’s fine if you aren’t sure exactly where you want to go—that’s what we’re here for.

There’s Something for Everyone in Austin

Our tour company specializes in tailoring the group vacation experience to exceed the expectations of every traveler. We’ll work with you to ensure a balanced mix of activities and amenities so that each member of your group has a fun vacation.

Let Native Experience handle the logistics of your group vacation to Austin, so you and your friends can relax and have a great time. Give us a call today to request our personal concierge services.

Let Us Help You Plan a Unique Austin Experience!